Bedford Leisure Spring Concert

The Bedford Leisure Club orchestra and choir are pleased to welcome all to their annual spring concert on Friday, May 7 at 2 p.m. at the Bedford Lawn Bowls Club (located at 1800 Bedford Highway, behind the Royal Canadian Legion).

This year the orchestra will feature classics by Dvorak, Mozart and Ravel, among others. They will also venture into new territory with works by Percy Faith and Henry Mancini.

Likewise, the choir will sing cherished classics like Flow gently sweet Afton and April Showers as well as newer popular works, including Paul Anka’s Put your head on my shoulder.

Another special treat is the debut of our brand new Shoreview String Quartet.

The choir first started meeting at the Old Fire Hall in Bedford in the spring of 1994, where the conditions were very crowded. (The Leisure Club itself officially started meeting at the Old Fire Hall in 1978).

The choir met only briefly at this location before moving to their current home, the Bedford Lawn Bowls Club, just before the 1994 Christmas concert.

The history of the orchestra is a bit sketchy. It appears to have started in 1977, one year before the official formation of the Bedford Leisure Club. Apparently, the orchestra performed at the Club’s opening ceremonies at the Old Fire Hall on Rutledge Street in Bedford.

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