Beer Free = Born Free (Right?)

beerIt’s summer! This means beer and BBQs and hot dogs and burgers and beer and chips and dip and beer on the patio. It also means, the beach, beach volleyball and lounging around the pool, all with your shirt off. If I had of been smart, I’d have been ready for this about 2 months ago, and even thought I thought I was, now that it’s nice out and I’ve been playing some beach v’ball on the court without a shirt on, I realize that I’m not! Maybe some of it had to do with the fact that I was in a relationship and really had no one to impress (a terrible way to think, by the way) but now that I’m single again, I want to make sure I look FAN-FREAKIN-TASTIC on the beach and on the court. (I have to make up for my lack of skills somehow!)

The big beach volleyball tournament of the summer is “Beach Blast” in Fredericton, New Brunswick and it’s coming up next weekend. I don’t feel like I’m ready for the beach at all right now. I kind of went on a bit of an unhealthy lifestyle binge for 2 ½ weeks after I became single. Lots of beer. Lots of late nights. Lots of crappy food. And a few extra pounds gained, but it was needed. After I realized this last week, I decided I was going to do a two week venture without drinking (SO hard to do when it’s 35 degrees out and I can hear the patio calling my name) and start running every morning. Have I ever mentioned that I HATE running (and that I LOVE beer)? Yes? Ok, I just wanted to make sure!

I started running last week and because Coco has been running with me, I haven’t been able to do more than 2 km, pretty much dragging her the last 1 km home. Sadly, Coco is getting old and can’t do more than 1 km anymore (we use to do 4 km every morning), so what I did this morning was I ran 1 km straight with Coco, put her in the truck, and I then continued on. I did another 2 km alone going 1 minute of running and then 30 seconds of walking. I did it all in 18 minutes and I’m pretty happy with 3 km!! After the run my hips are a bit tender and so is my right knee, but I’m going to suck it and push through it. I’ve got 8 days to look sexay for beach volleyball. I’ve decided that I’m gunna try 4 km tomorrow (probably pushing my luck!) and that I’m going to keep weight training with heavy weight and low reps to put on a bit of muscle mass as well. Once the beach tournament is over and I detox (it’s one giant party for three days by the way), I think I may go back for another kick-ass kettlebell bootcamp or month long session with Julie Mac Fitness. I miss tossing those bells around.

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