Beginner tips for betting on the hockey

It’s no secret that hockey is the most popular sport in Canada. Even those of us who don’t quite have the physique or aptitude to get out on the ice ourselves can enjoy settling back in front of the TV to enjoy the latest action from the NHL or the CHL. But there is another way to get a little more personally involved in the game, without having to work up a sweat.  

Sports betting has surged in popularity in the internet age, for that very reason. It’s got very little to do with seriously trying to make money, but is all about having a personal stake in the outcome. It means that when your team wins, you have an extra reason to celebrate. Even if it’s just a few dollars, that’s enough to get in a round of drinks! If you’ve never tried placing a bet, you might be unsure where to start – read on to find out.  

Choose your platform with care 

There are dozens of sports betting platforms out there, so you can afford to be a little selective. Many will seek to tempt you in with offers of free bets, but always read the small print and remember the old adage that if something looks too good to be true, it probably is. It’s more important to choose a recognised name with s strong Canadian presence. For example, Comeon casino is well-known for its slots and table games, but also has a strong sports betting offering with a Canadian focus.  

Different types of bet 

The most common bet is the line bet, in which you simply back whichever team you think will win. This is where casual hockey fans differ from pro gamblers, in that they will more often back the team they want to win, and would never dream of betting on the opposition. It might not be the most sensible strategy from a winning perspective, but if you are simply laying down a couple of dollars for fun, there is no harm in it.  

Don’t rule out other types of bets, though. You can bet on all sorts of things, from the half-time score to player who will score first, but one particular bet that often captures the imagination is the over/under. This relates to the total number of points scored in the game. The bookmaker will set a number, and you must bet on whether you think the total points will be above or below it. The number is non-integer, for example 5.5 so the end result has to be on one side of it or the other.  

Keep it fun 

Throughout, we have talked about betting being a fun way to add to your enjoyment of sport, and the most important tip of all is to ensure you keep it that way. Betting with the heart and not the head is fine when it is just for small amounts. But the golden rule is only ever to bet what you can afford to lose.

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