Best Construction Companies In Canada To Start Your Career In 2022

Canada is a beautiful country with many opportunities for anyone who wants to start their career. It is a well-known fact that construction companies are in high demand today. With the rapid growth of many cities and towns, there will be a constant need for new homes and buildings to be constructed. This means that if you want a career in the industry, then now is the time to start looking into what it takes to get started. Even many companies like, which are not directly related to construction, still play a vital role. Because house-related companies like plumbing companies, roofing companies can also become a great place to start your career in this industry. 

Construction is a booming industry in Canada, which makes it the perfect time to start your career. There are many new construction companies opening up every year, and it’s important to know which ones are the best for you to start your career with. We’ve compiled a list of the best construction companies in Canada to start your career in 2021. Besides, you will find some helpful tips on how you can find your dream company and grab a job to grow your career.

Why Should You Join Canadian Construction Companies?

Canada is one of the developed countries in the world. Recently, in 2020, the immigration minister of Canada released an ambitious three-year immigration plan, where he mentioned that Canada will bring around 1.2 million immigrants in the next three years. So this is an opportunity for skilled workers who want job security, competitive salaries, and benefits packages to enjoy a quality life. Besides, Canada’s GDP is rising. Therefore, it is also a good factor for grabbing jobs in Canadian construction companies.

Best Construction Companies In Canada To Start Your Career

There are many renowned construction companies running their operations in the country, which makes it quite easy to find jobs in the construction industry in Canada. Digging out the bests from the huge list was a challenging task. But to make your journey smoother, we have made a list of the best construction companies in Canada to start your career in 2022.


With over a million dollars in annual revenue, AECON is one of Canada’s largest construction companies. Best known for the engineering and construction of infrastructure projects such as roads, bridges, airports, hospitals, schools, and water treatment facilities in Canada. They started as a plumbing company in 1877 in Ontario. Then they gradually expanded their services, and they are in the leading position of multiple services, such as civil and military construction.

2. PCL

PCL is a Canada-based construction company that provides construction services to clients throughout North America. The company started its journey in 1906, and now they have more than four thousand regular employees in their different offices. The best thing about PCL is it is an employee-owned company. That means employees own the 100% share of the company. They work in different types of construction such as civil, institutional, commercial, etc.

3. Bantrel

This company provides construction services in a wide variety of sectors, especially for the petroleum industry. They pride themselves on their team-based environment and commitment to safety. With more than fifteen hundred employees, they are providing the best service to their clients. They have a good track record of working with many clients in the last 38 years. Bantrel mainly focuses on good teamwork, quality, and better performance to provide the best service.

4. EllisDon

Ellisdon is one of the top construction companies in Canada that has been around for nearly 70 years. The company specializes in engineering and infrastructure projects, which include residential, commercial, and industrial projects. They provide service worldwide. They have some of the best project managers in the business, and their competitive edge comes from working with top-tier architects and designers on every project they undertake.


CNRL is a Canadian natural resources company that specializes in the extraction, processing, and transportation of energy products. CNRL has operations around the world, but its main office is located in Calgary, Alberta. The majority of their work takes place in Canada at the Horizon Oil Sands project. The company was founded in 1973. Today they have around ten thousand employees and 21 Billion revenue per year.

Construction Company’s Job Details

1. Educational Qualifications

We all know skills matter over educational qualifications. But still, if you have a good degree, you can get an offer for a better position. Here are some degrees that can help you to pass the basic requirements:

i. Masters/MBA

ii. Construction Degree Programs

iii. High School Diploma

iv. Trade Diploma

2. Job Areas

There are multiple areas for the construction industry. Some of them are:

i. Residential Constructions

ii. Industrial Constructions

iii. Commercial Constructions

iv. Mining and Oil Constructions

v.  Infrastructure etc.

3. Job Positions

Your job position will depend on your educational qualifications and your skills. Here is a list of some demanding positions in construction companies:

i. Project Manager

ii. Superintendents

iii. Estimators

iv. Civil Engineers

v. Construction laborers

In Canada, construction companies have a variety of work to do. For this reason, this country provides numerous opportunities to the seekers. As the market is very competitive, the companies offer the best package to hold their employees. The list of the best construction companies in Canada to start your career in 2021 can help you to choose a suitable company for you.

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