Beth Powning And The Sea Captain’s Wife

VIDEO : Author Beth Powning chats to Glenna Brown about her latest book, The Sea Captain’s Wife.





Here is a review taken from the Random House website, where you can also purchase the book.

A gripping novel of love and obsession set in the 1860s, The Sea Captain’s Wife masterfully combines truths of the heart with the sweep of adventure – and takes us on an unforgettable voyage amidst breathtaking beauty.

Azuba Galloway, daughter of a shipwright, sees ships leaving for foreign ports from her bustling town on the Bay of Fundy and dreams of seeing the world. When she marries Nathaniel Bradstock, a veteran sea captain, she believes she will sail at his side. But when she becomes pregnant she is forced to stay behind. Her father has built the couple a gabled house overlooking the bay, but the gift cannot shelter her from the loneliness of living without her husband. When Azuba becomes embroiled in scandal, Nathaniel is forced to take her and their daughter, Carrie, aboard his ship. They set sail for London with bitter hearts.

Their voyage is ill-fated, beset with ferocious storms and unforeseen obstacles that test Azuba’s compassion, courage, and love. Alone in a male world, surrounded by the splendour and the terror of the open seas, she must face her fears and fight to keep her family together.




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