Better Health Care for Cape Breton

A family practice in Sydney is expanding into a collaborative health-care team, which will give more people in Cape Breton better access to primary health care.

The team has three family doctors, and are recruiting two more. The clinic will also include a nurse practitioner, a family practice nurse, a dietician and one other health-care team member to be determined based on community needs.

The team will provide primary health care for an additional 1,000 people in Cape Breton, along with existing practice patients.

“Taking a collaborative approach means patients are better connected to the care they need, when they need it,” said Transportation and Infrastructure Renewal Minister Geoff MacLellan, on behalf of Health and Wellness Minister Leo Glavine. “The team members will work together to provide the best care for patients. It’s a model we know can help recruit new doctors and other health providers.”

The new family practice nurse and nurse practitioner will be hired in the coming weeks. Two of the doctors are already in place and the third will arrive in July.

“Our vision is for all Nova Scotians to have access to a collaborative family practice team as their health home,” said Tricia Cochrane, vice president, Integrated Health Services, Primary Health Care and Population Health. “Teams of health-care providers, working to full scope of practice, provide the access and appropriate care that citizens need for themselves and their families, throughout their whole life. We will be further strengthening and creating these teams over time.”

The Nova Scotia Health Authority will invest $400,000 a year in
the new clinic.

The clinic is expected to be fully operational this fall, and will offer same-day, next-day, evening and weekend appointments. New patients will be added to the practice over the next 12 months as the team expands.

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