Better Information about Aquaculture Activities

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Better Information about Aquaculture Activities
As Nova Scotia’s aquaculture industry expands and its economic benefits are felt in dozens of coastal communities, it is important that people have easy access to information.

That is why government has improved access and is providing new information on licensing and leasing applications that are before the Department of Fisheries and Aquaculture for decision.

The department’s website has been updated with information on licensed aquaculture sites, including the status of licensing and leasing applications that may go before the Aquaculture Review Board.

“This is part of our ongoing commitment to provide increased transparency around aquaculture activities in the province,” said Fisheries and Aquaculture Minister Keith Colwell. “More readily assessible information gives everyone a greater opportunity to comment on proposed activities and developments and it helps to ensure we are balancing the benefits of economic growth with the protection of the environment.”

More updates will be made to the website to increase transparency and improve access to information.

“Industry looks forward to an improved web platform that provides greater functionality, more information and operational transparency. This will provide our seafood farmers better opportunities to work with government and to grow the aquaculture sector, providing more opportunities for our rural and coastal Nova Scotia communities.”
​ ​ ​ ​ ​ – Tom Smith, executive director, Aquaculture Association of Nova Scotia

Quick Facts:
— the Aquaculture Review Board has a mandate to decide on applications in marine areas for new sites and expansions, and the addition of finfish species
— key website improvements include information on rockweed applications and leases, downloadable applications and reference guides for licences, downloadable application packages for research funding and more information on fish health and reporting requirements for licence holders
— public comments relating to administrative applications that are posted on the website and in the Royal Gazette will now be included with the decision document

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