big art in small spaces

I love big art in small spaces. It’s a fantastic way to make a huge impact in a room. And it’s an easy way to add personality into a small space that may otherwise go unnoticed. It gives that modern and contemporary feel I am always drawn to.

I discovered this painting at a friend’s place that was earmarked for the garbage (what? Are you kidding?). I rescued it and added it to the small wall in their entryway. What was once an unassuming (and necessary) spot by the door to dump your stuff, really draws your eye now. I think it welcomes you to the house with the pizzazz of those who live there.

Here’s a bedroom wall of a staging client of mine. It’s not the traditional focal point in the room. It’s an unexpected corner behind the door. As you enter the room, you see the bed and the beautiful vaulted ceiling and skylights. All key features important to highlight when selling a home. But once inside, with the door closed, you now see this small space and are drawn into the painting done by the client’s favorite artist. Moody and intimate, this is a small space that adds another layer to the tone and feel in the room.

Warning! Don’t go cramming lots of big things into lots of small spaces. Pick one small space and give it a try. Keep it simple. It doesn’t have to be your own work of art or that of an established artist to reflect your personality. It can be anything that speaks to you…a photograph, a wallpaper sample or beautiful paper, even your kid’s artwork.

Go on, use your imagination!

vintage gems

not so stuck on wall stickers, yet