Big Day Downtown!

There are a million reasons why I love living in Halifax and here’s another reason why it’s fun to be a blogger living in Halifax!

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I am honoured to be participating this year in Downtown Halifax Business Commission‘s “Big Day Downtown” campaign where they have invited local bloggers, columnists, journalists and media personalities the opportunity to spend $100 in the downtown area in the form of a pre-paid Visa card in to explore and “try something new” and of course, blog & tell you guys all about it.  It sounds fun, right?! Yes!! Sounds like a perfect opportunity for a free staycation day in our beautiful city to me! Halifax is such a beautiful city with loads and loads of character and fun things to do, so this will be FUN!

We were invited to the launch party that was held at The Middle Spoon to watch a few videos of a few bloggers who have already participated (I feel the need to mention the The Feisty Chef got inked! Going to be hard to top that I think! lol)

Executive Director, Paul MacKinnon, DHBC

Wine and a cake pop? Yes please!!

There was an ice cream cookie sandwich in there too – The Middle Spoon is a bar and desserterie after all! 😉 Best cake pop everrrrr



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