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Big Day Downtown Halifax 2014 part 2

So, continuing the adventure on my Big Day Downtown, I took a friend to lunch at Scanway’s new downtown location on Grafton Street, next to Drala. They’ve opened a bright cheery rustic cafe with open brick ,lots of light and a view of the kitchen.
Wonderful breads, frozen treats and lunches available

 Check out their Mac and Cheese sammie!

 Of course they still have sweets too:)

 We opted to eat upstairs and enjoy summer alfresco dining while we still can.
Up, waaaay up.

 They have a large patio with a view over “Pizza Corner.”This was our table!

 Ever see a non-tipping glass? It won’t fall over:) We tried haha.

 The menu had some salads and lighter fare and all the sandwiches were $7.50 My pal ordered the lobster roll and said it was great!

I had them make a special one for me. I’m a vegetarian who doesn’t eat cheese. So, voila! Toasted garlic rosemary bread with grilled peppers ,onions and a jicama cabbage apple slaw! It was delicious:)
There were some amazing desserts and boozy milkshakes on offer but we decided to stop while we were ahead. Nutella &Myers Dark Rum, Apple Pie &Bourbon, Blueberries & vodka, Kahlua& crushed Florentines….you get the picture. Apologies to the lady who was mid mouthful when I snapped this. Those Sundaes looked great!

Off to the HalifaxWaterfront next. That’s Theodore the friendly tug boat and one of the Dartmouth ferries in the background.

 I was told to go to the Lost Cod Clothing Co. and get something made for myself. We joined the throngs of people enjoying the sun and made our way to the little shack.

They have reclaimed old Nova Scotian business logos and will put one on any item you choose from their store! Very cool. I picked an apron I can use for painting in and had an old apple company logo put on it. See? You can order online too.

 Had a lovely chat with this lady. A regular fixture on the waterfront:)

Then we strolled  to Historic Properties.These are great new chairs that just appeared here this summer. Love their colours.

Find out where we visited next in part 3:)
Part 3
Part 1

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