Big Day Downtown III

Today is the day, my Big Day Downtown journey comes to an end. I was really tempted to check out another restaurant (I do have an appetite and a curious mind) but I do love something else beside food: beauty products 🙂

It was totally a surprise when I found out there was a spa downtown that carries a brand of nail polish that I haven’t found anywhere: Spa Ritual. I won’t say how many bottles of nail polish I own, but among that many, I don’t have any Spa Ritual. So I headed out to Remedy Spa on Granville Street to check it out.

This is the nail polish corner at Remedy, the OPI nail polish (CAD11 each) and hand lotions on the top (there were more not pictured) and Spa Ritual (CAD13) on the bottom. Good selections of colours, and I totally saw Optical Illusion, a long lemming of mine.

The bottle totally stayed in my hand while I browsed around the product area. Remedy is also a big carrier of Dermalogica products. I even looked into booking a self-serve facial ($25) with Dermalogica products but timing didn’t work out. There were some GWP (gift with purchase) for the line but I wanted to try something new.

Then I saw this! A beautiful basket on the counter, I didn’t even see the side note that said “40% off” until I came close. Knowing the frugal girl that I am, I gotta take a peek.

I noticed the 2 different types of boxes in front of the basket, both from Jane Iredale. Now this brand is a stranger in my stash as well, as the price range isn’t really within my reach. I certainly wouldn’t mind owning a piece of makeup on discount.

The white one has a little wallet, a makeup compact and a brush, not my forte. The gold one, however, totally was.

This is Jane Iredale LE Sweet 15 palette, as a celebration the brand’s 15th birthday, supposedly a Nordstrom exclusive for USD78. Retails at Remedy for CAD89, on 40% off.

The kit comes with 15 PurePressed eyeshadow shades, 3 PurePressed blushes and 3 Just Kissed lip plumpers in a dual compartment palette, with a large mirror underneath the first compartment.

First impression: I love the sturdy croc skin-like print on the gold packaging. The kit also includes some look cards for colour combination ideas.

First tray houses 15 eyeshadows, 1.2g each:
First row: Oyster, Peach Sherbet, Glimmer Gold,
Copper Brown.

Second row: Topaz Sparkle, Taupe, Aquamarine, Dark Suede.

Third row: Petal ShimmerPink Cloud, Sparkle Dust, Bubbly.

Last row: Silver, Supernova and Charcoal.

By the quick glance, Copper Brown and Aquamarine have beautiful fine glitters, the darker shades are pretty too. These look very promising.

Second tray has the blushes, 2.8g each: Cotton Candy, Whisper and Bronzer.  My eyes were automatically drawn to Whisper, a peachy pink. Bronzer is the only matte shade, appropriate as a bronzer 🙂

The lip plumpers, 1.5g each: Milan, L.A. and Tokyo, supposed to be sheer. The tubes are so cute and tiny. They look a bit frosty, 2 pinks, one rosy shade. I’ll confirm the finish once I get a chance to swatch them.

Even with a discount, this palette still costs quite a bit, so I really hope the shades are pigmented and of good quality. I have high hope with the brand.

Remedy is also clearing out the Repechage products – with seaweed for different skin types (I did my research before coming to the spa to check out the products in person). They have the Hydra Medic line for acne-prone skin that I am interested in.

These products have been used in the spa successfully, but they decided to concentrating on Dermalogica, hence the clearance. I found the Sea Mud Perfecting mask but it was all dried up, so I passed.

I’m glad I went check out Remedy. It was a neat place with cool products. And I was happy with the one purchase I made there.

The end! 🙂



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