Big Day Downtown – The Video!

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I was a Halifax blogger selected by the Downtown Halifax Business Commission in their “Big Day Downtown” campaign.  The rules were simple: here’s a $100 prepaid Visa card and have fun downtown and “try something new” and blog about it.

Yes please!

 So since my buddy Lynn was also selected to participate again this year, we thought we could use the opportunity to have a fun day together.  For me it was the perfect way for me to spend one of my last days off before returning back to work full time while Cameron was in his first transition week at day care.

Once we started brain storming ideas of things to do, I quickly realized that this assignment was going to be an easy one for me because I never really get much opportunity to really go and enjoy downtown much at all and there was plenty that I had never experienced before.  I will let the video speak for itself and you can head on over to Lynn’s blog for some more beautiful photos from our adventures 🙂




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