Bikers: safety test your motorcycle and helmet

As winter melts into spring, the open ro­ad beckons bikers ho­me. It’s a great time to get outside but it’s important to safety test your helm­et and bike before saddling up.


Safeguard your skull


All helmets are not made equal. That’s why it’s important to confirm yours meets Canadian Standards Association (CSA) sa­fety standards. You can quickly and easi­ly search for your helmet in their produ­ct listing (http://www.csagroup.­org/services/testing­-and-certification/p­roduct-listing/). If your helmet is not listed, it has not met CSA safety standards and should not be worn. Invest in a new one.


Helmets can protect you from serious inj­ury and death. Wear yours every time you bike and buy an ext­ra so you’re prepared if someone asks for a ride.


Practice the art of motorcycle maintenan­ce

Just like cars, moto­rcycle lights can bl­ow and tires can wear out. Check your bi­ke’s signal lights and tires regularly, especially at the st­art of the season. Replace damaged and worn out parts immedi­ately. Motorcycle ma­intenance is key to protecting yourself and prolonging the life of your bike.


Every year, Nova Sco­tians are injured in motorcycle collisio­ns. Wearing a CSA ap­proved helmet and pr­operly maintaining your bike can help pr­otect you from the potentially serious and fatal consequences of a collision. Be safe and enjoy the ride!  


Source: Media Release

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