Birthday Recap: Now with Hot Photos!

Ally: Big, big thanks to Brian Larter. Last week, pre-party, L-A and I put out several urgent tweets searching for a professional photographer who would be willing to volunteer his time and talent to take photos of our very first birthday party. Offical Intern Eden put us in touch with Brian, who very kindly agreed to help out. They put my photos from Friday to mad shame.

We promise we will stop talking about our birthday at some point. Not sure when yet! We had massive amounts of fun which is why I propose we get some readers together to share martinis pre-Sex and the City 2. Word?

The best part of having the party at Mosaic was this red curtain backdrop. We didn’t even plan it!

(Ally is wearing H&M jacket and dress with Joanne David accessories and L-A is wearing DVF dress, Jen Bennett ring, “vintage” charm bracelet, and RW&Co sweater)

And of course a shoe shot. My shoes are Marc Fishers from John David Shoes. L-A’s shoes are Kenneth Cole wedges from Comfort Zone in Park Lane. Some peeps were asking where I got my hair did. I actually checked out Vibe Salon and Spa in Bedford. My stylist is Barrett Wamboldt. If you visit her and drop my name we BOTH get 25 per cent off. WIN/WIN.

Here’s a great shot of Rhia and Krista (Official Intern #2). I loved Rhia’s outfit. I believe L-A can give you more info on her hair piece (which you can’t see in this photo so you are going to have to trust me).  [L-A: Dress is Banana Republic and the feather hair fascinator is by Oh Dina, which you can buy at Lady Luck Boutique]

This is Official Intern Krista telling Heidi and L-A exactly what she thinks about this season of Gossip Girl. It’s CRAP.

Award for the best present goes to Reader Ivy who brought us the most beautiful flowers and even more beautiful boxed wine. L-A took both home. She assures me she plans to share. Should I believe? Also, I crack up every time I look at L-A’s face. She looks like she won the Miss Pretty Pinot Grigio contest. She’s just missing the sash.

L-A’s husband was on ballot duty. Apparently this was “break-time” (I’ll let L-A handle that). Here’s Michael chatting with Leah. [L-A: I think Leah is drinking the True North martini, a Mosaic original. Run, don’t walk, to Mosaic if you have not tried on of these.]

Fashionable dudes, Geoff and Kerry. I admire the conviction of their hairstyles.

Meg and AJ

Steve (from Haligonia dot ca) getting L-A’s number. I’m all, “L-A, your husband is right there” she’s all, “Whatever, pass the Pinot G!”. I’m joking. OR AM I?

I don’t know what Guest Blogger Jo is sharing with Amanda here, but it looks juicy.

We purchased food with our Oscar Pool money! The food was incredible.

A really nice shot of the girls from Extreme Group (L-R) Gina, Natalie and Julie.

I like this photo purely because Steve is giving me the oldie but goodie, “Talk to the Hand”

So many pretty purses!

Jane, Claudia and Jame (looks like Rosalyn – in the background – just witnessed a questionable thing).

L-A: Because I am recovering from an insane weekend, I’m just going to say thanks to everyone who came out and thank you to Mosaic and Brian Larter.  I can’t do more than make comments in the middle of Ally’s writing because I went from work to party to hangover to work to all nighter to craft show and back to work on Monday morning. I went to bed before 9pm last night! I haven’t done that since grade five and even that was because my mom made me.

My new hobby for smokin’ ladies.

Does it really bother you that much?