Birthday sharing…

“Thank you, Thank you very much!” Another year older and wiser. Elvis would have been 77 today! And…..who knew? There’s a Graceland Cam!!!
I wanted to share my blog space today with readers and friends on this birthday of mine and I asked people to send me links to their favourite posts! Here they are, sad, happy, beautiful, touching and silly!…….enjoy.

This is a wonderful HEARTWARMING story about a dog named Chip, big thanks to Karen for making it happen:) First read this. 2nd read this and the happy conclusion!

Cathy Oliffe-Webster is a writer and the Muskoka River Blog is her spot on the internet, this is her HAPPY story about  Ralph Fournier and the home of the giant sugared doughnut!
Sara, a lovely artist friend who has had a few challenges last year shares a walk on the BEACH with us.

Susan is another artist  friend who lives in an old brick house in a little village by the sea with the love of her life. Here are some STUNNING images of her world.

 Sabrina is in Scotland to going to vetrinarian school. Here is the story about her love for Vermont she wanted me to post today.

Marian has asked that I post a link to Mark’s POIGNANT blog about his wife’s valiant battle with a rare brain tumour. Marian set up the blog so Mark could share with his family and friends.
My friend Alice is a writer who lives on a narrowboat in England!  She writes a lovely post here describing a quiet morning in her LIFE on the water…

Sarah over at Yes and Yes has an absolutely WONDERFUL post to share today about How to Create an Amazing Group of Friends! Really, everybody should read this! Who couldn’t use a few  more really great friends?

Teresa  shares a visit to the PRETTY  Reynolda Gardens
Birthday sharing... My friend  Aimee LOVES this YUMMY cake! In her own words,
I’ve made this bundt cake countless times since and I think it’s the best thing to come out of my kitchen – ever! I’m a sucker for the mixture of buttermilk, cardamom and cranberries, not to mention the amazing aroma it leaves in the house for days afterward. Aside from my niece and nephew, I didn’t buy any presents for anyone this Christmas; I just made everyone their own bundt :)”  
With no further adieu, I give you  Aimee’s Spiced Cranberry Buttermilk Bundt Cake!!!!!

Sandy writes a FUNNY essay about women’s shapes and sizes…fruit salad anyone?
My artist friend Daina shares the story of her BEAUTIFUL  mural for LululemonBirthday sharing...

Suzie does battle with a Blueberry Pie from hell! Funny and DELICIOUS
Snap wanted to share pictures of her cats Cassie and Teddy!

Have you managed to find your way to the bottom of the page here? If you have, leave a comment about one of the blogs here and I will draw three names for a secret prize! There must be a way to contact you or I will have to draw another name:) Cheers!


It's All Downhill

It’s All Downhill

Newsletter from David Finlayson, School Board Rep.

Newsletter from David Finlayson, School Board Rep.