Black Rock and Dingle Beaches Closed Temporarily


(Wednesday, August 3, 2011) – HRM wishes to advise the public that Black Rock Beach in Point Pleasant Park and the Dingle Beach in Fleming Park have been closed temporarily for swimming as a precautionary measure due to the heavy rains. Lifeguards will be on duty to advise the public that the beaches are closed.
Testing is being conducted to determine if the water is safe for swimming due to the overflow of screened wastewater into the harbour as a result of the heavy rain. Beaches will reopen as soon as the tests indicate that the water is safe for swimming.
This temporary closure of the beaches is a precautionary measure that will take place whenever there is a heavy rainfall that increases the flow in the collection system to more than four times the normal dry weather flow.
For up-to-date information on beach conditions, please call the HRM Beach Line at 490-5458 or check the beach page at

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