Blackberry Sorbet

blackberry sorbet by The Culinary ChaseIt’s the subtle changes in the weather when I start to notice a shift as we slowly drift out of summer and into autumn. I know, shhh! not so loud but it’s true.

The sunlight looks different as it lands in areas of the house and the air smells different. As I was rinsing the blackberries a subtle breeze came through the kitchen window – the kind that signals things are changing. I remember my mom years ago saying something similar but at the time I really didn’t take notice. The summer harvest is a time of year I enjoy as local produce becomes more abundant. Blackberries (also known as brambleberry, dewberry) are loaded with nutrients and have one of the highest antioxidant levels of all fruits. For more health benefits, visit the Huffington Post article.  Another sorbet to add to my list of simple desserts to make.

Makes 4 cups
adapted from Honey & Jam

2 cups water
2 Earl Grey tea bags
1 cup sugar
3 cups fresh blackberries
1 to 2 tablespoons fresh lemon juice

blackberries by The Culinary ChaseIn a pot, bring water to a boil. Remove pot from heat and add tea tags. Allow to steep 5 minutes then remove tea bags. Add sugar to the tea infused water and heat until sugar dissolves. Cool. Purée berries in a food processor and then push through a mesh sieve to remove the seeds. Add puréed berries and lemon juice to the tea mixture. Pour into a container and freeze until solid.

The Culinary Chase’s Note: This summertime treat is a gorgeous color and the flavor was amazing!   Enjoy!

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