blasted with inspiration

So…hey just a little rouge readers!

My apologies for not posting as often as I have been in the past…in truth, I’ve been suffering from a lack of inspiration. Yes, there are things that “inspire” me almost every day, but I mean it’s been a little while since I’ve been INSPIRED.

Well…I just went to Montreal for a few days and was literally BLASTED with inspiration.  

Beautiful old buildings that are incredibly lit at night, the modern boutique hotel we stayed in, the crazy window displays in Chinatown, the beautiful public art on practically every downtown corner and in the lobbies of corporate buildings, and of course, the interior design of restaurants, resto-bars, bistros, diners and practically every place that offers delicious food.

Just the whole feel of the city is bursting with creativity, art, enthusiasm and energy. Suffice it to say that my batteries are recharged.

Excited to show you some of what I saw…especially at the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts and the interior design of the Hotel Zero 1.

First though, enjoy a few random Montreal pics…

Check in for the next post for more of my Montreal adventure.

xx rouge.


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