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Blasting frustrates and angers Oceanview Drive residents

Oceanview Drive in Paper Mill subdivision.

Residents of Oceanview Drive and surrounding streets (in Paper Mill area) are frustrated and angry with the blasting occurring on the Nine Mile Drive extension.

A couple residing on Oceanview Drive, who has asked to remain anonymous, purchased their home in June 2010 with a full inspection done by Amerispec.

The inspection showed their house to be in great condition prior to their move in date of November 2010. Before all papers were signed another inspection was completed, showing this property to be in excellent condition, without cracks in drywall, hardwood, etc. After moving into the neighbourhood they noticed the blasting, some of which was quite intense.

During the following months they started to notice visible cracks and nail pops, knowing these were not here at the time of purchase and that the house was only eight years old and any settling would have happened a long time before this.

The couple contacted councillor Tim Outhit, who provided them with the information they needed to proceed. They later contacted K&M Inspection, who sent out Darren Ibsen, project manager, to access the cracking. This was in April 2010. On May 14 they received a letter from the company, which stated that, after visiting the property and reviewing seismograph records, they were confident it did not cause the conditions present. Unfortunately, the couple did not follow up and had the cracks filled, sanded and painted on their own during the summer months.

Early in the fall, these cracks, along with other ones, started reappearing, some of which are significant in size. Along with the bedroom windows no longer locking and a sizable crack from this window in the master bedroom upstairs down to the window on the middle level, there are also cracks along the hardwood floor in the master bedroom and the main level.

“Seeing these conditions worsen we decided to contact K&M once again in March 2011 because there were no other explanations as to why this was getting obviously worse, other than as a result of the blast. Sometimes the entire house shakes,” states the couple.

Dan McQuinn, P.Eng, visited the property in March 8, 2011. With no word after a few weeks they followed up and noticed a measuring device int the yard once again, and received an email from Mr. McQuinn, stating that the maximum vibration would have not exceeded 18, therefore damage done was not from the blasting.

“This in my opinion is unacceptable. Why would we purchase a residence with numerous cracks in the drywall, garage floor, windows which will not lock and hardwood floors that were separating. Our inspection reports ,which was made available to Mr. McQuinn, indicated none of these conditions prior to the blasting. Our house in over 8 years old and has been here through windstorms, hurricane Juan, etc. Only working 3 days a week I have been home through many of the blasts over the last year, all which have felt significantly different, some barely feeling them and some feeling I should take my toddler and run outside, so telling me that you are confident that NONE of these blasts caused the damage to our property I would like to know why all of this damage has only happened since the blasting,” states the resident.

“If this damage was not present prior to blasting and noticed only after blasting had begun and we have been told twice now that the conditions present are not due to blasting and have worsened, an explanation as to why this could be happening would be greatly appreciated.”

The couples’ inspection clearly shows there were no cracks in the house, that all windows locked, and the hardwood floors were in great condition prior to the blasting.

Many residents in the area share the same concerns as new cracks keep appearing in their houses.

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