Blissed Out: Lessons for the Road Ahead

Blissed Out: Lessons for the Road Ahead Have you ever felt blissed out?

This year I actually got to Blissdom Canada, at one point I wondered if I would but the karma Gods rained down and thanks to Annie Urban I got my ticket. I had been looking forward to this confernece since last year when I due to work obligations ended up selling my ticket to my now friend Mara.

I had waited a year to have the Bliss experience.

I planned for it, budgeted for it, and came away learning many lessons for the road ahead. Well not sure if they were learned there, or if I was just reminded of how important some things are.

First in Catherine Connors keynote, she had us write down what we knew, what we didn’t know, and what others didn’t know about us. By the time she was done I was reminded to question what I know, and to challenge my thinking.

At the Special Needs tribe, I really realized I was among woman who got it, from the yelling and screaming, the nervous broken sleep, to the joy your kid can bring, these woman get it  and I realized I am not alone.

While listening to Tanis, Elan, and Bon I realised that I need to ask more questions. To inquire is ok, get advice, and learn along the way.

I learned hugs are a good thing, I am not much of a hugger. I think Jeff Pulver gives the best hugs and well says some pretty smart stuff as well.

I was reminded how important laughter is as I dined with Tanis, Janice and Katie I literally almost peed myself. I had followed all of these bloggers for several years, it was wonderful to sit and dine with them.

While laughing it is important to be able to laugh at yourself. When asking a question of the branding panel, Gail Vazoxlade and Dee both got me good. Yes I am the girl with a breast and I don’t drink, well at least not yet, Dee is still dreaming of that one.

I was reminded how good it is to connect in person, in flesh and bone, to see inflection, to share an embrace,there is nothing better than meeting the face behind the avatar. Conversations, partnerships, all can be embraced in the full in person.

For me most of the sessions and planned events were good, but what really got me feeling the bliss was not the planned event, but the encounters along the road, the conversation with my fellow blogger while getting our nails done, dining with blog royalty, and then with a woman I consider a money mentor, helping to connect my new friend Regina with some great bloggers, all of these are what brought be bliss this weekend.

To end let me share with you what I shared with Young Drivers for the road ahead






Money, Money Fixing a Broken System

Money, Money Fixing a Broken System