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blissoma: summer must-have

Here’s a summer must-have for you that doesn’t leave you freezing cold, sticky and weird smelling {I’m not a fan of aloe, obviously!}  I’ve been loving the Amend Antioxidant after sun skin care spray from Blissoma since the spring. I brought it along with me to Mexico and on the last day when I was feeling a little warm {okay a lot more toasty than I’d prefer} Amend made my skin feel great and I had only a teensy bit of peeling.

blissoma: summer must-have

Amend completely replaces aloe gel and honestly, the green goo can’t even compete. It is a power-packed formula of superfoods and herbs that regenerates the skin. The recipe includes Pomella, an intensive pomegranate extract standardized for punicalagins, a bioavailable polyphenol and the primary antioxidant from the fruit. The Blissoma line is one of the first to use this scientifically proven ingredient in a topical formula to help skin be more resilient and resist UV damage.

It contains organic Rooibos tea and Acai oil to offer further antioxidant protection, organic Linden flower and Comfrey to soothe and rebuild skin cells and there’s also organic Aloe, but with no synthetic carbomers, TEA, or green color to taint the natural benefits of the gel.

It’s a light, sprayable lotion that is actually for before and after sun exposure and it smells nice and herbal like all the other Blissoma products that I’ve enjoyed. The bottle isn’t huge like the aloe bottles you find on the shelves BUT each 4oz bottle gives you over 500 sprays!!

I really love Amend. It’s soothing, feels like a moisturizer, isn’t greasy or oily and a little goes a long way. After long days outside it’s lovely to spray all over my parched skin. No sunburn necessary for this product!  😉

Definitely pack this in your bags if you’re traveling, camping or going on outdoor day trips this summer. Your skin will thank you! Amend is $16.99 and is available here!

blissoma: summer must-have

P.S. Don’t forget to enter the Blissoma $75 Giveaway that closes on June 24th!

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blissoma: summer must-have

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