Blog Awards

I have been awarded with blog awards from lots of you lovely ladies. Sorry I wasn’t doing a good job keeping up, but that doesn’t mean I did not appreciate it. So thank you, again, for the love, I finally get around to posting these 🙂

This is the first double award I have received, from Playing with Polish, a Sunshine Award and a Happy 101 Award.

As you know me, I have a lot of blogs in my following list, to the point I won’t be able to pick just a few favorites, lol, so I’m gonna skip the nomination part. Just look in my profile to see many wonderful blogs that I guarantee you will love. I don’t know I can find more interesting facts about myself that I haven’t told you about in previous award posts, so I would just ramble at the end 🙂

And coincidentally, I received the Lovely Blog Award from four lovely bloggers over at Polish Insomniac, Beauty Crazed, Cosmetically Curious and Beauty Burg. I must have done something right on the blog 🙂 Really appreciate you all taking the time to send me this.

It is not sunny today here, but I’m feeling all warm and cozy, thanks to you and many more of my readers to stop by to read or comment on my posts. It is really heart warming. It is also Thanksgiving today in the US, so it suits the occasion that I say thanks to all of you.

I started this blog on the love of mineral pigments and thought that was the way to go. Look at the blog now a year and a half later, it is about all kinds of makeup, and nail polish. It is wonderful how you find new love along the journey, and of course find so many new friends too. I am very thankful!

I also appreciate my fellow bloggers who share my love of beauty, working hard on their blogs so that I could have awesome read everyday. I laugh with you in fun posts and my heart aches with you during your tough time. It’s the love I didn’t think exists before I dive in this community.

I also want to thank the companies that have been offering me review/ giveaway opportunities and lead me to many wonderful products to try out which I wouldn’t have known otherwise.

I should stop before this post starts sounding like an Oscar speech lol. Just know that I love and appreciate each and every one of you.

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