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There have been an increasing number of blog giveaways with amazing prizes, so I dedicate this whole post for them. If you are not interested in trying your luck in winning some makeup, turn away now 🙂 Check these out.

SweetSuGaHon is hosting a MAC giveaway for her followers. The prizes are:
1. One MAC Eyeshadow
2. One MAC Lipstick
3. One MAC LipGlass
4. One MAC Blush
Shades are of your choice as long as they are available from MAC Canada website – plus some extra goodies.

The original deadline is September 25, but she moved it up to September 15 so people don’t have to wait too long 🙂

Check out her post for rules.

Sarah from I Heart Cosmetics has a giveaway for her followers with great prizes as well. You can win:
1. One MAC eyeshadow (pot or pan, your choice on colour as long as it is in stock)
2. Three Barry M dazzle dusts (your choice of colours)
3. Two Barry M nail paints (your choice of colours), and
4. One Boots Botanics soothing eye makeup remover.

I want all these brands 🙂

Make sure to follow the rules and enter before September 4.

SJ at Obsessions of a 19 year old also giveaways Barry M products until September 11. Follow her for a chance to win a Barry M nail paint, a Barry M lip paint and a Barry M dazzle dust (colours of your choice).

Verina at Lil Bit of This and That has a multiple-prized giveaway. She started out with the first prize when she reached 20 followers back in June. You can win:
1. Three colorful tights
2. Four bow headbands
3. One net headband
4. Dr jart silver label 40ml
5. Three L’Oreal nail polish
6. Revlon eyeshadow pallete
7. Etude eyeshadow, and
8. Two Skin79 bb samples

By September 1, she got to 120 follower (amazing huh?), so there comes the second prize:
Guppy nail polish
LA colors nail polish
Theallnaturalface samples
bb hanskin caviar sample
Joppa eyeshadows, and

We have a bit of time entering this giveaway, as it isn’t over until October 4. And as always, there are rules to follow to be qualified.

Louise at Lou Lou Land celebrates the 100-follower benchmark. She’s building a prize, but assures it will include:
– a Sleek Curious palette
– goodies from ME ME ME, Barry M, Collection 2000, 2True, ELF
– one surprise MAC item, and much, much more.
Follow the rules and enter by September 9.

A fun giveaway at The Polished. Sarah is giving away nail polishes.
1st prize – 3 nail polishes
2nd prize – 2 nail polishes
3rd prize – 1 nail polish.

You would need to pick your top 3 polishes from a website, and pick 1 polish for Sarah based on what you know about her from the blog. Enter by September 9.

Through this giveaway, I’ve come to know Beverly Beaute, the online store that has an impressive list of nail polish brands to serve Australia and New Zealand. I recommended it to a friend in Australia who was going to order some polish from the US with crazy shipping cost. And I get to be a “cool and knowledgeable” friend of hers now, lol.

Erica at Lali Amora is giving away prizes to celebrate her blog anniversary.

The interesting part:
1st Prize: 1 Coastal Scents Palette & $20 gift certificate to Sephora
2nd Prize: 1 Coastal Scents Palette & $10 gift certificate to Sephora
3rd Prize: 2 MAC lipsticks of your choice!

Additional raffle off for 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 9th Prize:
-4th and 5th Prize gets to choose 2 colors of NYX Round lipsticks of choice
-6th, 7th, 8th, and 9th Prize gets surprise goody bags.

I don’t know about you, but I love having higher chance of winning something with this giveaway 🙂 Enter by September 25.

Hope everyone is having a good day, and good luck!

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