Bluenose II Update

Lunenburg boat builders have begun work to replace the rudder on the Bluenose II.

Service contracts were finalized this week with several Nova Scotian companies.

Snyder’s Shipyard will construct and install the wooden rudder, Lunenburg Industrial Foundry and Engineering is providing the berth and other services, and Canadian Maritime Engineering will fabricate rudder components called pintles and gudgeons. A fourth contributor who will provide the manual steering gear is still to be determined.

The work will begin immediately in Lunenburg at the off-season dock of the Bluenose II and will eventually move to the Lunenburg Foundry’s berth, where Snyder’s Shipyard will continue the installation.

Work, including sea trials, will be completed during the off season. The cost for the project remains within the previously announced build budget of $25 million.

Source: Release

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