Botox Injection – The Procedure, The Benefits, And The Side Effects

Botulinum toxin injection, which is usually shortened to Botox injection is a medical treatment used for treating migraine, cervical dystonia, and too much production of sweat, among others. But the procedure is done for cosmetic purposes more than for medical purposes. In fact, it is among the most commonly done cosmetic treatments in the United States and even across the globe. What are the major applications of this treatment, and why is it so popular?

What is Botox Injection used for?

The following are the common application of Botox injection:

  • Cosmetic treatment

The most popular application of Botox injection is to relax the muscle of the face in order to prevent face wrinkles. This is achieved by the ability of the protein in the injection to block some chemical signals from reaching the facial neurons. This invariably leads to temporary paralysis of the facial nerves.

When the toxin is injected into the skin under the wrinkled layer, the temporary paralysis will make the wrinkle part become smooth. This effect can be seen on the client within three to five days after the injection. However, this effect is temporary, and clients may need to repeat the treatment regularly to keep their facial skin always smooth.

  • Treatment of Muscle Disorder

After recovering from some critical conditions like stroke and spinal cord injury, the muscles may overreact. There are many other causes of over-reactivity of different muscles in the body.  Luckily Botox injection has proved effective in relaxing the muscles and returning their activities to normal. Muscles in the body that are commonly treated with Botox injection include muscles found in the digestive tract, limbs, head, jaws, face, anus, bladder, vagina, and neck, among many other muscles in the body.

  • Migraine

It has been found that if Botox toxin is injected into the muscle of a patient suffering from chronic migraine, the injection can help combat the cause of this condition and bring relief. The use of Botox injection for treating migraine is approved by the FDA and is practised by medical professionals.

  • Excessive sweating

There are effective treatments for focal hyperhidrosis, a condition in which a patient produces an abnormal quantity of sweat in a particular part of the body. But when the existing treatments failed, the FDA approved physicians to use a combination of Botox toxin and other chemicals to treat this condition. It has been found to be effective, especially for sweating occurring in the underarm.

  • Pains

Although the use of Botox injection for treating chronic pains is still undergoing investigation, many medical experts believe the toxin can effectively reduce pains and inflammation in the bones and joints.

Types of Botox Injection

Botox injection is classified into seven categories, named A, B, C, up to G. The major type commonly used in cosmetics and medical treatments are A and B. While both types can cause diseases to humans if not appropriately applied, other types (except E and F) are more dangerous to animals than humans. Other than causing diseases, Botox injection can sometimes have side effects.

How Risky is the Injection?

Botulinum toxin is known to be the most dangerous substance to human beings. A dose of 1.3 nanograms in a kilogram is enough to cause death if injected into the bloodstream. If taken by mouth, 1000 nanograms per kilogram may be lethal while 10 nanograms per kilogram of it must not be inhaled. But it is nothing to worry about as all forms of injection are done by experts who know how to accurately administer the chemical substance without posing any risk to their clients.

Side Effects of Botox Injections

Botox injection for cosmetic purposes has been discovered to initiate the development of certain allergies. It may also cause headaches and other symptoms that are similar to the flu. If the toxin is injected into the wrong place, it might cause paralysis of facial muscles. Even when it is correctly administered, it might spread to the wrong places on the facial muscles causing this paralysis. This may lead to difficulty in eating. The advantage here is the unintended paralysis caused as a side effect of this treatment is temporary, and things will go back to normal after a few weeks.

In the case of medical treatment, the side effect of Botox injection might be more dangerous, leading to a heart attack or even death. When used for treating a medical condition, any of the side effects of the cosmetic application can also occur.

What to Consider Before Going For Botox Injection

If you are thinking of going for Botox injection for cosmetic treatment, you are not alone. Several millions of cosmetics procedures involving the injection are done in the US every year. But it is essential to consider the following factors before making the final decision.  

  • First, go for a consultation and understand the risk involved.
  • Ensure you are doing your procedure with an accredited professional.
  • Consider the cost, if it is too low, be careful, if it is too high, you can get a better deal.
  • Avoid blood-thinning drugs before going for the procedure.

The Take-Away

Botox injection is among the most popular cosmetic procedure in the United States and across the globe. The procedure is done to temporarily paralyze the muscles of the face where wrinkles occur in order to relax the muscle and get rid of the wrinkles. Apart from cosmetic treatment, Botox injection can also be used to treat different medical conditions like chronic migraine, excessive sweating in the underarm, muscle disorder, and pains and inflammation.

While it is considered to be safe and is approved by the FDA, if the toxin is injected in a wrong place, or spread to a wrong place after it is injected, it may lead to unintended paralysis. Fortunately, the effect will not last long and will soon correct itself. Other side effects of the Botox injection include headache and the development of allergies. Both in general, Botox injection is a safe, fast, and effective procedure, you shouldn’t be scared of having.

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