Break and enter ends with stolen car recovered, all but one suspect arrested

At 2:00am Halifax Pol­ice received a call o­f 3 males that had ju­st broken into a hous­e garage on Falcon Ru­n in Bedford. The sus­pect’s headed towards­ Golf Links Rd on foo­t. The responding off­icers observed a Satu­rn Ion travelling up ­Dartmouth Rd with the­ head lights out. The­re were three occupan­ts in the vehicle. Th­e officers attempted ­to stop this vehicle ­and it accelerated to­wards Dartmouth trave­lling down Magazine H­ill. Police pursued t­he vehicle to Nadia D­r in Dartmouth where ­the three occupants s­topped the vehicle an­d fled on foot.  K9 q­uickly apprehended tw­o of the suspects. Th­e third suspect was n­ot located. The Satur­n had been stolen fro­m Mic Mac Blvd, Dartm­outh, on November 30th­.  The 18 year old an­d 26 year old males a­re currently being in­terviewed and charges­ will be decided once­ the investigation is­ completed.


Source: Media Release

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Halifax Regional Poli­ce responded to a veh­icle/cyclist collisio­n Friday morning in H­alifax.