Break distracted driving habit with five-second solution

Young business woman drives car with mobile phone in hand - risky driving

**** RCMP Media Release

If you’re in the habit of interacting with your phone while driving, it can be tough to resist your cell behind the wheel. Thankfully, there’s a five-second solution: disable notifications and place your phone in the trunk before taking off.

Although it sounds simple, this five-second solution is effective in preventing distracted driving because it forces you to resist your phone and builds your tolerance for spending time without it. When applied regularly, it can become a new habit that protects you on the road.

“We often talk about dangerous habits like texting and driving but good habits are powerful, too,” says Cpl. Lisa Croteau of the Nova Scotia RCMP. “Building good habits into your driving routine – like disabling notifications and placing your cellphone in the trunk – helps protect you from driving distracted.”

There are a variety of ways to disable notifications on your cellphone. For instructions, search for “Support” or “Disable Notifications” on your phone manufacturer’s website. Be sure to follow instructions for your specific model. If you struggle to find instructions, you may want to contact Customer Service for​ help or simply turn off your cellphone rather than attempting to disable notifications.

You can apply the five-second solution to most other distractions and use it as a requirement for letting others drive your vehicle. By regularly removing sources of distraction, you take control of your own safety and help protect others.

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