Breakfast and a Movie

If you’re looking to change things up a little bit and you’re tired of the typical “Dinner and a Movie” type of date night, give Breakfast and a Movie a try. We recently went out for a morning date and really enjoyed ourselves.

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You may remember from our Sunrise post that mornings aren’t exactly the favourite part of my day. However, if you have a full schedule and are trying to find time to spend with the one you love, you make the sacrifice and roll out of bed.

Luckily, we can always get our money’s worth from eating out for breakfast. For some reason we can stuff more into our traps earlier in the day (don’t stomachs shrink overnight?). Because I usually never want to put more energy into breakfast than pouring cereal into a bowl, I love going out and having someone bring delicious, warm food to me. We chose Cora’s for breakfast, where I ordered my favourite 1990’s Harvest (but I substituted yucky raisin brioche with French toast) with scrambled eggs, bacon, and fresh fruit sprinkled with icing sugar!

After breakfast we decided to head to the movie theatre. Since we were going to the Matinee it was cheaper and we practically had the theatre to ourselves, so that meant no annoying chair kicking or talking during the movie! As for the movie itself, we went to see Michael Jackson’s This Is It. I enjoyed the movie, but I’d have to say you really have to appreciate his music and enjoy watching how a huge musical production is put together to ensure its two hour runtime.

Breakfast dates are great if you work night shifts or if you have other commitments later in the day or if you need to force yourself to get up early so you get more done later on.


I think I’m slowly becoming a grumpy old curmudgeon.

Let me explain.

The typical date night includes dinner and a movie. This doesn’t really work for me for several reasons. First, I tend to not enjoy going out to dinner that much because restaurants are more crowded, and I’d rather be home eating a home cooked meal. Second, I’d much rather watch a Blu Ray at home than go to the theatre and listen to other people loudly munching popcorn right behind my head, kicking my seat, and checking their phones every 5 minutes.

See, grumpy old curmudgeon.

As I’ve mentioned before, I’m totally a morning person. So taking the dinner and a movie idea and turning it into breakfast and a movie works perfectly for me. The best part about going out to breakfast is that it never feels like a waste of money. We typically can eat everything on our plates, which is something we never manage to do when we go out for dinner. Not only that, we tend to be so full that we don’t eat again until dinner time, so we save money by not eating lunch. It’s fantastic!

Cora's Holiday Cookies

One of our favorite places to go for breakfast is Cora’s. We hadn’t been there in several months, so it was a nice treat to go back. I usually go for the Rosemary’s Sunday which is the typical bacon, eggs, toast, and crepe breakfast. This time I went for something a little different. I got the French toast with a mountain of fresh fruit. It was really good. The best part of our breakfast came near the end. If you add an extra dollar to your bill it goes toward the Cora Foundation and they give you a mug. That pretty much made my day.

We then headed over to the theatre. It was kind of strange being some of the first people there. I was surprised how many people buy popcorn and other treats first thing in the morning. We recently tweeted about a deal with Empire Theatres where you text a certain word to a number they provide and you get a buy one ticket get one free coupon. So after using that coupon, plus the fact that it was an early show, the cost of going to the movies was much lower than usual.

I really had a lot of fun with our morning date. I would do breakfast and a movie again in a heartbeat over dinner and a movie. We got to go out and have a fun time while still having the rest of our day ahead of us. If you’re a morning person then I probably don’t have to sell you on this idea. If you’re not a morning person, take some solace in the fact that half of your morning will be spent in a cozy dark theatre that will be nearly empty. It’s kind of close to being home in bed, right?

If you have any favorite breakfast spots we would love to hear about them. Let us know in the comments.

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