Breakfast of Champions

Other titles I considered:

  • A Sunday in Photos (on Wednesday)
  • Attempting to Photograph Non-Food Objects
  • Wasting the Battery While Trying to Learn More About this Camera I’m Using
  • Making the Locals Uncomfortable with Excessive Photo-Taking

(Whichever you like, really.)

Dudes Food: On the side of the road in Three Fathom Harbour, Nova Scotia, and just minutes down the road from Lawrencetown Beach. A sunny afternoon drive well spent!

Dude’s laundry.

This reminds me of a hilarious picture drawn for me by friends Brendan and Sun in South Korea. It was their artistic rendition of a very random walk home I had one night in Seoul. Bit of a story there!
Had to photograph what I was eating! Behold: The Dudewich. Battered haddock on a kaiser roll, with tartar, red onion, tomato, lettuce, cheddar. And yes, this was my breakfast.

Ok, this won’t win any awards for creativity, but that goofy face belongs to me.


NOTD: Sally Girl pink holo

Veggie Sandwich Revisted