Breaking (Wind) News – Halifax Harbour Cleaner-Upper Needs A Clean-Up

Artist’s Rendition Of Sewage Treatment Plant (
Lots and lots and lots of coverage of this today.  The damage caused by a power outage at the downtown Halifax sewage treatment plant a few months ago will take until 2010 to fix. 

Many critics are crying foul over the whole situation, especially since Mayor Peter Kelly campaigned on this project during the recent elections.  (Watch our live coverage of the Mayoral Debates on the environment, here


From the Herald’s Article:

“Mr. Yates and Harbour Solutions director Brad Anguish delivered the bad news to council during a closed session Tuesday before it was made public.

Officials also don’t know who will be pay for the cost of the cleanup and improvements. It will run into the millions, although staff would not even guess at a dollar amount.

It’s too soon to tell whether taxpayers could be on the hook for any of the costs.” 

Read all of the Herald’s coverage, here.


Ryan Turner. Photo By Erica Penton

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