Bridgetown Closer to New Governance Structure

The provincial government has reached an agreement with the Town of Bridgetown and the Municipality of the County of Annapolis supporting infrastructure, operating and capital investments for roads, and transitional costs associated with dissolution.

The agreement provides $2.5 million over five years to help transition the Town of Bridgetown to a new governance structure.

Equalization funding for the combined municipality will be frozen for five years at the level currently paid to the town and municipality.

The details are in a joint letter of intent that will be presented as evidence at the hearing Monday, Dec. 1, with the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board.

In May, Bridgetown applied to the review board to dissolve. Transition co-ordinator Allister Surette worked with town, county and provincial representatives to reach an agreement to transition Bridgetown to a new municipal government structure that is in the best interests of residents.

Government supported the transition work by providing funds for reports and research.

If approved by the review board, the new municipal structure will take effect April 1.

Source: Release

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