bright whites

While I was wandering around Chapters ( last week, I noticed some fabulous new accessories that I wanted to tell you about.

Think white. Bright white. At first blush, you might think these accessories seem a bit bland. Boring, even.

But imagine solid white items in a sea of color. They stand out. They can be bold. They can be chic. They can offer a clean, crisp, fresh vibe to a room.

They can also add a touch of fun, silliness and whimsy.
And they go with EVERYTHING because, well, they are white. They can stand the test of time and find a place in your décor for a long, long time.
As much as I love black, I have an almost equal love affair with adding touches of white to every décor.

But remember, as with just about everything, moderation is key!

So, think white next time you are looking to freshen up your space…

In the meantime…Happy Halloween. Hope yours is spooky and safe!


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