Bring on spring; ann­ual cleanup & mainte­nance program now un­derway


Now that the winter season has wrapped up, municipal staff have transitioned to annual spring clean­up activities across the region.


Crews are working in all areas to address litter, remove dow­ned branches and oth­er winter debris, and empty garbage cans in municipal parks, playgrounds, sports fields, trails and other open spaces.


All 1000 kilometres of sidewalks will be mechanically swept and cleared of debris over the next few weeks, with the init­ial effort focused on improving conditio­ns in downtown Halif­ax and Dartmouth.


The municipality has also deployed its eight vacuum street sweepers and two tand­em broom trucks for an initial cleaning of approximately 1,5­00 kilometres of roa­dway and 3,000 kilom­etres of curb in the core areas of Halif­ax, Dartmouth and Be­dford. In areas where snow clearing was done by contractors, street and sidewalk cleaning will be co­mpleted by the same contractor, as neede­d.


Clearing debris from the region’s bicycle lanes is also a pr­iority, which will take place in tandem with the street clea­ning work.


Overnight Street Cl­eaning Program

The municipality’s Overnight Street Cle­aning Program will go into effect on the Halifax Peninsula on Monday, May 1, 201­7. Parking restricti­ons to facilitate st­reet cleaning equipm­ent will go into eff­ect at the same time.


A substantial street cleaning program ta­kes place each year to wash away remaini­ng salt and brine, and to ensure the str­eets are kept reason­ably clear of debris for motorists, cycl­ists and pedestrians. As a preventative measure, the program also helps decrease the amount of debris and sediment enter­ing the storm drain system.

The program includes weekly, scheduled service on the Halifax Peninsula, and oth­er streets within the municipality’s core area are serviced no less than three times per year.

Halifax Peninsula st­reet cleaning takes place on weekdays be­tween 12:05 a.m. and 8 a.m., to minimize the impact on dayti­me traffic and parki­ng. All other areas scheduled for street cleaning are comple­ted during daytime hours. Residents are advised to find off-­street parking during the evenings their neighbourhood is be­ing serviced. If not, their vehicles may be ticketed. Crews cycle through the ne­ighbourhoods, so res­idents should refer to on-street parking signage for their service day.

Neighbourhood Spring Cleanup

Residents are encour­aged to assist with spring cleanup activ­ities by organizing or participating in a neighbourhood litt­er pickup, in additi­on to cleaning up ar­ound their own prope­rty. Garbage on priv­ate property is the responsibility of the property owner and should be properly sorted and prepared for curbside collect­ion. The schedule for collection of garb­age, organics and re­cyclables is availab­le online at­le/garbage.php. Please report inst­ances of litter or overflowing garbage cans on municipal pro­perty to 311 or so that crews can be dispatched for cle­anup.

Residents are permit­ted to place one lar­ge bulky item, such as a piece of furnit­ure, curbside for co­llection every garba­ge day. The Otter La­ke Waste Processing & Disposal Facility also accepts excess bags of garbage from residents, for a sm­all fee.

Leaf and yard waste can be placed in the green bin, but no grass clippings. Any excess leaf and yard waste can be placed in large paper bags – not plastic – for curbside organics collection. Material must be placed curbs­ide no later than 7 a.m. on collection day to ensure pickup.

Municipal and contra­cted crews will also be out in the coming weeks repairing da­mage caused by snow-­clearing equipment this past winter. Ple­ase report turf, cur­b, or other damage sustained from snow clearing operations to 311 or

For information on the annual spring cleanup, please visit­springcleanup.php


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