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brother p-touch label maker | durability test

brother p-touch label maker | durability test

I’m completely obsessed with organizational anything, but I haven’t actually taken the plunge to the next level – that is, owning a label maker.  Every time I walk by a label maker in a store my heart beats a little faster….I’ve wanted one forever! But the reason I haven’t bought one is because I don’t want it to be a waste of money. What if I take all that time to cleverly name every shelf in my pantry only to have the labels fade and peel off 3 months later??

Luckily, the Brother P-Touch team and Mom Central were looking for bloggers to write a series of posts about the P-Touch label maker. My first post is challenge the durability of the Brother labels! Perfect! I received a kit in the mail complete with labels adhered to a piece of plexi glass and products that would normally deteriorate anything it comes in contact with: nail polish remover, bleach, a scrubby brush and a sponge.

brother p-touch label maker | durability test

First up was the nail polish remover. I was wondering if the nail polish remover we received was a “weak” brand, but I actually used it on my toes to take off some bright red polish and it was the strongest remover I’ve ever tried. And to be honest I would never buy it because it’s so potent! I swiped the labels with the remover over and over and it didn’t do a thing. You would think the lamination on the label would bubble or melt, but nothing.

Next up was the bleach:

brother p-touch label maker | durability test

brother p-touch label maker | durability test

brother p-touch label maker | durability test

Nothing. No smudging, no lifting, no bubbling and even the finish didn’t look worn. Still shiny and brand new as if they’ve never been touched.

I even ruined a fingernail trying to peel back a bit of the corner just to see a) how difficult they are to remove and b} would they lift up if part of the label was saturated. The verdict? Make sure you’re 100% sure of where you’re putting these labels because they’re heavy duty!

Stay tuned for my next post that will reveal my home office before & after sponsored by Brother!!!

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brother p-touch label maker | durability test

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