This chandelier has been hanging in my dining room for years. I keep meaning to replace it with something a bit more modern but it has grown on me and I love the way the morning light sparkles through it. Ages ago I replaced the central crystal with this wee heart and it gives me a little lift each time I see it. Just outside that window is my bird feeder. Monty sits in the window enjoying the sunshine and watches the birds and resident squirrel most afternoons:) These last few days I’ve been really vigilant about keeping it full, these cold days are hard for our feathered friends.

February……the short month… on the frozen, salty coast of Nova Scotia, this short month is welcomed:) It brings us that much closer to Spring! Right now it is FREEZING outside but at least the sun is shining! I was hoping to get out for a walk but I think I will nix that and do something inside.

After my epic exercise session on Saturday I was surprisingly not sore at all. Just really tired and it lasted through yesterday too. My team raised $11,718 amazing…… Thanks…

On to the day….have a good one 🙂

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