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Brunch at Tess

*** Regretfully and unexpectedly, after I posted this blog Tess closed/switched ownership. Standby… ***

5687 Charles St, Halifax

This post is wayyyyyyyyy overdue! I’ve been so busy with Sausage Fest, BlogJam and a freelance gig that I haven’t had time for my own blog.

This post goes back to a more summery time in early September when I had a good friend visiting from Victoria, BC. She had a slew of places where she wanted to eat in Halifax, and these included brunch at Tess – Halifax’s #1 crepe restaurant. The last time we were here we had some great savoury crepes on the sunny patio. This time I wanted to check out the backyard terrace but unfortunately it was closed due to those nasty late-summer hornets.

My friend ordered a Smoked Salmon Benedict ($15). Tess has several varieties of “Crepe Benedict”, but you can substitute the crepe for a Belgian waffle or a tea biscuit. My friend opted to do the latter.

Tess 4

She seemed to enjoy all of the components of this dish from the biscuits to the properly poached eggs to the Hollandaise sauce. I think this is the first time lately that I’ve encountered a house-made Hollandaise that elicited more of a response than, “It’s okay”. This Hollandaise was “quite good”! Three caper berries were served on the side, which I thought was a nice touch even if they are somewhat segregated from the benny itself (a good thing for caper-haters, I guess).

I thought for sure that I would order crepes on this occasion, but I was transfixed by the Croque Madame Waffle ($14) – which has been featured on You Gotta Eat Here!

Tess 1

While this looks very little like the dish served on YGEH, it was totally satisfying. Ham, fluffy waffles, melted gruyere, runny egg yolk that melded with the creamy mustard sauce – awesome sauce. I wasn’t evening pining over the Hollandaise on the next plate over, like I am known to do, because this mustard sauce is the biz.

And I was SO FULL after eating this.

Thankfully, this calorie-laden food monster was served with a nice kale and fruit salad.

This balanced breakfast is exactly what I want when I am hangry for brunch: decadence, indulgence and deliciousness.

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