Brussels Restaurant & Brasserie

Summertime in Halifax is best spent outdoors (weather permitting) on a patio. Everywhere around the city, temporary wood decks and outdoor furnishings come out for the few months of somewhat interrupted warmth and sunshine that we get on the East Coast.

One spot that Cokebaby and I haven’t visited in a while is the Granville area. So, one sunny evening we treated ourselves to dinner at Brussels Restaurant & Brasserie.

Photo credit: ThePicMan from Flickr

Photo credit: ThePicMan from Flickr

First, a word on the decor. The patio on the cobblestone courtyard of Granville Street, with faux wicker-back and chrome seating, is reminiscent of many patio cafes we’ve seen in Europe. The interior follows through with a hand-painted mural of the streets of Brussels and gorgeous chandeliers. There is also a more elaborate dining room with wood panelling for a more intimate dining experience.

Next, the service was spectacular and that’s something I rarely say in this city. Not that service is generally mediocre or anything. No, it’s just that it’s typically understated or overshadowed by the food.

For dinner, I had the moules Congo: Mussels cooked with ginger, lemongrass and green chilis in coconut cream ($9.95) with a side order of frites & mayo ($3.95).

Although we’ve travelled to many parts of Europe, we have yet to go to Belgium (it’s on the list). But here’s how to eat mussels like a real Belgian: You don’t need a spoon or a fork. Simply take a mussel and use the shell as a tool to empty the little gem with broth inside.

Cokebaby went with the special of the day. A cup of Belgian soup of the day: three mushroom beef consommé ($5.95), and poisson du jour: Fresh daily fish prepared Belgian style. The evening’s special was tuna in caper lemon sauce with roasted vegetables and potato au gratin (market priced at around $30).

The food was absolutely spectacular. Although there’s an ample list of beers—I think the list is longer than the food menu—we shared a bottle of mineral water to quench our thirst from the heat. I’m sure we’ll be back for a sampling of their beverages (and more food) some time soon.

Just on a side note though, as of the time of this post, Brussels has 2 for 1 mussels Monday.

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