Building the Best Website for Your Local Business

It doesn’t matter what kind of local business you run; whether you’re selling shoes or sharing the news. If you don’t harness the remarkable power and reach of the internet to connect with your audience (both local and further afield) then you are missing a huge opportunity to build your business reputation, create brand recognition, and remind local residents that you’re still here!

Simple website building sites such as IONOS are ideal for local businesses, because they offer not only secure and affordable website hosting, but also simple and convenient website building tools, which will enable you to create an attractive and easy-to-navigate website in no time at all, and with no technical knowledge required. Still not convinced that your business needs a website? Here’s everything you need to know about building the right website for you, and how this could help your business to reach its goals:

Why Do I Need a Website?

Many business owners, particularly those who own brick-and-mortar stores, may well as why they need a website in the first place. Their customers know where they are, business is steady. But if you want to grow your business then even the simplest of websites (sharing your opening hours and business details for example) could give you the edge in your field, helping more potential customers to find you. And if you add a shop element to your website, you could also use this to sell your products in a new arena which would open up your business to new markets and allow you to expand your business with relatively little expenditure.

Quality Content and Photography

Your business is unique: you offer something that nobody else does, and you offer it with a knowledge-base and passion that is unique to you. It is this that makes so many local businesses special, and this should be reflected on your website. Whilst you use a website building tool, or let the experts take care of, the technical aspects of building a website, you should take care to focus on the content and photography it contains.

Don’t be afraid to share a personal touch: what do you offer to your local community? Why did you choose to open your store, and why are you passionate about the services you offer? By showing your community more about you, and your passion, you will be inviting them to visit and join you in your vision. For the same reason, stay away from mediocre stock photography! Instead share pictures of your store, your products, yourself, even your local area. Keep things relevant and personal, and you’ll soon reap the rewards.

Make your Website Name Memorable

Want more people to know about your business, so that you can reach a wider audience? Then make your website name memorable, and ensure it also reflects your business name. Then promote it everywhere you can! On your shop front, on your stationary, add it to every email you send out. By sharing your new website address far and wide you are likely to pique the interest of relevant parties, ultimately driving move traffic to your site, and growing your brand awareness without any additional expenditure.

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