Burger #60 – The Canteen Burger (The Canteen)

It’s been a while since I posted a straight-up burger review, which is due to being busy with other food-related adventures, like the Veggie Burger Series I have been putting out (which you can see here). If you’ve been missing the reviews, then you are in luck cause I’m back with a juicy profile of another local burger!

Across the harbour in Dartmouth, The Canteen is hugely popular at most times of the day, which is evident by the bustling dining area that always seems to be packed full of hungry mouths. I’ve been meaning to get in to try their burger for a while now, and it finally happened. Read on to learn all about the show-stopping Canteen Burger!


From the menu: “Two all beef patties, melted harvarti, special sauce, lettuce, pickles, frizzled onions on our sesame bun”


Appearance (9/10)

The Canteen Burger is far from a clean and tidy burger, and it knows it. Standing tall, and held together by a olive skewer, this burger was overflowing with all kinds of mouthwatering awesomeness. The two juicy beef patties sat draped in a seemingly endless amount of melted havarti, and the frizzled onions were piled high. Top it off with a healthy amount of special sauce, and stuff it all between a beautiful sesame seed bun, and you have the makings of a burger worthy of the “burgerporn” hashtag!


Taste (9.5/10)

It was love at first bite with this one, and I knew instantly that the Canteen Burger was not going to disappoint.

The two patties were tender, juicy, and had a bit of pink in the middle (the way it should be), and the rich flavour from the beef was perfect. I’m a huge supporter of generous amounts of cheese, so I loved how much of the gooey, melted havarti there was.

There was just the right amount of frizzled onions to accompany all that beef and they gave a perfect crunch to every bite, with a little help from the pickles. The creamy “secret sauce” tied everything together nicely, and it’s probably a good thing that it’s a secret because it’s a hit!

A burger this big and juicy is going to be a bit messy, but it didn’t bother me in the least. My only complaint with this one is that it had to end! I cannot speak highly enough of this beautiful creation!

Cost vs. What You Get (8.75/10)

The price tag of The Canteen Burger is $14, which doesn’t include a side. The lack of a side in the price may turn some people off, but believe me when I say that you aren’t going to care about anything but the main event (even though the fries were killer) after your first bite! I would, and will, pay this price again for this burger.

Overall (9.08/10)

Do I even need to say it? I absolutely loved The Canteen Burger. There is a simplicity to the toppings, but the kitchen takes those items and creates a burger that is out of this world! It hits every point you want a burger to hit, and other burgers should take note. This one has earned it’s place in both my top burgers list, and my heart!

The Canteen
22 Portland Street, Dartmouth, NS

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