Bus strike looms : Twitter folk to the rescue

Halifax Metro Transit DE60LFRs

Just love a good feel good story. As the HRM bus strike looms, local twitters from both sides of the harbor have been using some good old grassroots elbow grease (well finger grease, ewe) to spread the word to match bus folk and commuters. 


For those who are Twitter savvy there are a few hash tags to follow. I highly recommend # DartmouthRide #Halifaxride #strikerideshare and #hfxcarpool 

Apparently you can sign up at http://www.HRMSmartTrip.ca to find/create available carpools. But I have not used this service yet.


Want to help out ? post a tweet using those hash tags and see if you can get someone close by a ride. Hell share the gas. Some people are even offering coffee. 


Need some help finding a ride? Post a tweet and use one or all of those hash tags. Keep an eye on @thedeeside in the upcoming days and we will be retweeting as many of these requests as we can.

And here is a thought. This is a great way to save on gas and a helluva more efficient than the bus. Maybe we can keep this system in place and maybe scare the hell out of Metro transit. 


A guy can dream. 


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