Bust a Move!

Usually I just like to give a bit of money to charity events, but this one seemed a bit different.

To raise money for leading-edge digital mammography equipment for local hospitals, myself and 1000 other people are going to exercise for six hours at the Metro Centre on January 10th. This exercise extravaganza is called Bust a Movie, and is going to feature a celebrity fitness instructor… I won’t say who, but he was featured in one of my all-time favourite Whose Line is it Anyways skits.

I’m doing this with a team of ladies affectionately known at the HalifaxChicks. We’ve each been tasked with raising $1000. Many women in my family have been affected by breast cancer, and some have lost their lives, so this means a lot to me. If you can give just a few dollars, it will bring me one step closer to reaching my goal. You can donate online or in person, so let me know if you’re not comfortable using the website. I’ve added a Paypal button below, so if you want to give that way you can.

Thanks so much for your support… here’s hoping I can reach my goal!


PS–The exercise aspect of this seems like TORTURE and I will likely be in the ultra-beginner section. Crying. Eeek.

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