But Mommm: A Simple Gift

by Sarah W of Urban Parent
A few years ago, my oldest and dearest friend gave me a set of scrabble magnets as a Christmas gift. Little does she know, this simple gift was certainly one that has kept on giving…
At the start of every new season or holiday, my two girls and I sit in front of the fridge, sort out all the letters, come up with new words and lay it all out in a pattern. It’s such a small moment in our lives but one that has become tradition and one that we all love.

Sarah Williams's photo.

Just thought I would share as a reminder that gift giving doesn’t have to be big or expensive to be meaningful.
Merry Christmas!

Sarah Williams has two young daugthers, one husband, a laundry pile that’s bigger than her to-do list and a guilty pleasure stash of red licorice to keep her happy and sane.

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Christmas Read Alouds courtesy of The Guardian