But Mommm: Bonding

As I continue to navigate this mystical world called parenting, I am constantly amazed by the front row seat we’re given to watch incredible things unfold.
Most recently has been our two year old’s transition from toddler to little boy and the new relationship that change is forging with his Dad.
I’ve watched my husband form incredibly strong bonds with our girls over the past seven years and I’m finding it really interesting to watch how the father son bond is developing.
Most notably would be seeing the idolization in our son’s eyes when it comes to his Dad. He’s suddenly wanting to be everywhere Daddy is. If Daddy is washing the car, he wants to help. If Daddy is mowing, he wants to mow too. If Daddy is using his tools, he wants to be fixing too. I came home from work the other day and he was wearing only shorts with safety goggles hanging around his neck. I asked him what he was doing and he said, “Working, like Daddy”.
In no way do I want to make any sweeping stereotypical generalizations but after having two girls it is definitely fascinating to watch how our son’s interests are developing. I’m sure that we’ve encouraged some of it but I also don’t think we’ve done anything crazy different with him – the mower he uses was our oldest daughter’s, one of the tool sets he has was our second daughter’s and the big toy excavator he likes to play with was given to our second daughter for Christmas one year. Even though the girls played with a lot of the same toys and were exposed to the same kinds of things their Dad does around the house, it’s our son who is walking around mimicking Daddy and wanting to do everything Daddy does.
This new trend is interesting for me, as his Mom, and something that I actually find myself having to get used to. There are still times he wants me and me only – opening a particular door or getting him out of his car seat. At the same time, there are times when he’s vocal about not wanting me at all. As an example, I was cuddling with him at bedtime last night and he just looked at me and said, “Mommy can go now, want to cuddle with Daddy.” It might sound crazy but when I hear things like that, it actually takes me by surprise. What do you mean? I’m Mom. I don’t get turned away…
But the reality is that the lump I get in my throat in moments like that quickly subsides as I watch “my boys” together. I’ve loved having a front row seat to how my husband parents and bonds with all three of our kids and must admit that I’m finding the father-son bond particularly fascinating. Our son is going to grow up to be his own man and I couldn’t think of a better role model for him throughout life than his Dad. After all, I married the guy. I know just how cool he is.
Deanna is a Mom of three, wife, marketer and blogger – lover of travel, morning coffee, family time, belly laughs, good friends and uninterrupted showers! Follow her on twitter @DeannaCMiller

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