But Mommm: The Agenda

by guest blogger Katherine VanBuskirk

It seems like these days I confront my disorganization many times a day. In every room of my house. In every one of my many handbags. On my computer’s desktop.

My name is Katherine and I am a disorganized hot mess.

Since G has been in school though, I’ve felt more guilt than ever about this. On more occasions than I care to reveal, the fallout from my scattered ways has affected my little guy.

It’s dress like a storybook character day? Really? Like, today?

It’s crazy hair day? How does every parent know this and not me?

But Mommm: The Agenda

You needed a milk/book/spare kidney order form signed and returned three days ago? Okay sure. Let me find a pen under the coffee cups and dollar store toys on the floor in the back seat.

This year though, we’ve been introduced to the…wait for it…AGENDA. This marvel of modern academic practice is really something to see. It’s brilliant. A lined scribbler in which G prints a daily list of things to remember, like upcoming activities and notes from the teacher. He’s required to have a parent initial the daily entry.

The brilliance, for me, is not only the simplicity of this little book, it’s those daily required initials. Once a day, I’m forced to root through the backpack to find the AGENDA. These hunts almost always turn up some really interesting clues about G’s day. Some found treasure, a part of his recess snack left behind, an interesting piece of artwork.

The ritual I go through to write those initials in the pages of that AGENDA also gives some structure to my day. A new routine has been born and I can tell you that it’s sparked a little more organization in our lives. 

But Mommm: The Agenda

I don’t like to toot my own horn but so far this year we have a flawless library book return record (so what that we’re only two library days in). I’ve had occasion to interact with G’s teacher a number of times. Milk and book order forms have been returned. On time. And I even sent in some magazines and paper towel rolls for art class.

Once done, G’s neat and tidy backpack sits by the door – a little symbol of the promise of an organized life. So these days, in the shadow of that blue backpack, I spend my evenings tidying, sifting through the pile of papers on the table, planning meals.

Oh AGENDA, how I love you. Now if only I can get G’s teacher to include some items on that list for me – clean out the closets and put away the summer tote full of swim goggles and SPF would be a good start.


Katherine VanBuskirk is a communications professional in Halifax. She is rarely without a latte, a list and at least one of her two children.

Source: http://feedproxy.google.com/~r/hrmparent/CLkz/~3/CRa-Z0xB6MA/

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