Buy In Coins

Buy In Coins has been where I spent lots of time browsing. With dirt cheap prices and free shipping everywhere, plus you can find lots of bits and bobs from dresses to makeup brushes, lashes, hand bags, iphone cases, etc.
I found out about the site on youtube and have ordered quite a few times, thought I should share some hauls. Don’t worry, I am not affiliated with them nor earn anything with your clicks.

First row, from L-R:
– 18-pc Magic Leverag Hair Styling rollers $4.79. These only include the short ones only, and I broke the hook trying to pull too much hair at once. Will have to order another set lol
– Velcro hair pads (to hold your bangs to the side while you do face makeup) $.98 for 4’s
– Mini Spin pins $1.68 for 10’s.
Second row:
– Magic Bun Hair Twist tool $.98 for 4’s. I think your hair goes in the space in the middle, then you bring the 2 ends together to create a bun
– Hair donut $1.08. I know I can make it out of a sock, but I was lazy 🙂

And more:
– 150ml Pump Dispenser bottle $1.98. This is for my nail polish remover. The pump at the top is similar to the Zoya Remove + bottle, good control over the amount of liquid to come out on to the cotton balls
– Beauty Blender-like sponges $2.95 each. These would probably fall apart after a few uses, but I was curious. Time will tell. By the way, they come in plastic bags, I took them out just for pics
– Brush guard $.98 for 1 meter. It comes in a roll, you can cut out the length you need, supposedly one size fits most.

Here I am trying to be fashionable with:
– Leopard scarf $2.95 (the background). It is thin, more like a spring scarf, for style, not for warmth. It was sold out often, so I grabbed it as soon as I saw it back in stock
– Black & Gold Uneven Charm necklace $3.78. The black pieces are probably smaller than those in the real House of Harlow, but it was cheap. It is not cheap looking though, I already wore it to work and quite liked it
– Owl pendant necklace $1.28. Too cute, looks like something Claire’s would make, not bad quality either. It comes in brass and silver.

And the most “expensive” item from the bunch: a Velvet 3-tier Bracelet holder, $21.09 (the price has gone down since I bought it). I have been wanting to get something like this for a while but didn’t want to pay Amazon shipping.
Now, a few things about Buy In Coins. The site is based in Hong Kong, so shop at your own risk and don’t expect amazing quality or fast shipping (it normally takes a month for the stuff to get to me). They are prompt in shipping confirmation, back order notice, etc. though, so you are updated along the way.
Searching for items on the site is also a little hard, I found, as the names they use aren’t very traditional. Like the Velcro hair pads are called Ornament Magic Tape Fringe Hair Bang Patch Stick 🙂 Also, some items are not properly categorized, so browsing page by page yield better result.


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