Buy Local This Holiday Season

Nova Scotians are encouraged to shop at locally owned businesses this holiday season.

Communications Nova Scotia Minister Andrew Younger and Agriculture Minister Keith Colwell introduced a seasonal campaign for Select Nova Scotia today, Dec.

3, at Bishop’s Cellar.

“Small local businesses are the backbone of our economy,” said Mr. Younger. “This campaign encourages Nova Scotians to consider buying local this holiday season because when they do, they are keeping more money here at home.”

The campaign, which runs from Dec. 3 to Dec. 30, consists of radio, print and online ads. Ads will also appear on billboards and transit shelters.

Gift tags will be provided to interested local businesses and producers to give to customers as thanks for supporting local. Customers can reuse the tags to show that they’ve supported local businesses and can feel good about helping their community.

The campaign is an opportunity to remind Nova Scotians of the benefits of shopping local, supporting our local small businesses, and local producers of food and other products.

“Local food is the freshest and best-tasting option,” said Mr. Colwell. “Serving up local food during this holiday season is good for our families, good for local farmers, and good for the local economy.”

Small businesses and producers of food and other goods are an important contributor to the strength of our communities and our provincial economy.

Select Nova Scotia is expanding its reach and will become the province’s new buy local campaign, which will support the agriculture and aquaculture industries and the small business sector. The Select Nova Scotia program is jointly funded by the department of Agriculture and Communications Nova Scotia.

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