Cab driver stabbed during altercation

  Police have two in custody after a dramatic incident in Clayton Park early this morning.


Police have two in custody after a dramatic incident in Clayton Park early this morning.
At 11:30 pm west patrol members responded to an unknown trouble complaint at the Clayton Park Shopping Plaza located at 278 Lacewood drive. Members learned that a vehicle containing two female occupants was being followed by a vehicle containing 4 males unknown to them.  The complainants saw a group of taxi drivers parked at the Clayton Park Shopping Centre and requested their assistance.  The taxi drivers confronted the males in the suspect vehicle and during this exchange a 31 year old male taxi driver received a stab wound to his chest and was almost run over as the suspect vehicle fled.  Another taxi driver became a victim as a second suspect picked up a piece of construction debris with the intention of striking him. The suspects fled this scene and were pursued by the taxi drivers to an address in the 100 block of Old Sambro road. 
Officers attended both locations and at this point have 2 adult males and two male youths in custody. The suspect vehicle is also in police custody. The investigation is ongoing with members if the Integrated General Investigative Unit and Patrol officers interviewing  witnesses, victims and the four suspects.
The 31 year old male Taxi driver was taken by ambulance to the QE II where he remains in stable condition, his injuries are not life threatening.
Thus far a 24 year old Halifax male has been charged with carrying a concealed weapon, possession of a weapons dangerous to the public and obstruction of justice.  He will be released on a Promise to appear in court at a later date. 

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