Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort : Part 1

Our day really started once we arrived in Cape Breton. These horses entertained us while we waited for the tiny Englishtown ferry. We were all happy to have some sun! Five dollars gets you across the water and cuts several miles off the route to Indian Brook and Cabot Shores Wilderness Resort where my daughter and I were headed.

We weren’t the only ones excited to be traveling that day! I like the colour of his truck, matches my car:)

It has been ages since I’ve been to Cape Breton and we were delighted to find ourselves here. The perfect spot for relaxing or being as active as you want to be. Barbara and Paul Tilson Weinberg purchased 55 acres of beautiful ocean front twelve years ago after falling in love with Cape Breton when on vacation and have been pursuing their dream at Cabot Shores ever since.

Not only can you stay in the lodge, there are chalets, a farmhouse, tipi and yurt to choose from. If you want to camp, there is a lovely old apple orchard to pitch your tent in.

Right away we went out and about exploring. First Paul had to put away the yolo board which I was fascinated with. It is a cool sort of raft/board you stand on and use a pole to push yourself around. Like a surboard, skateboard rafty thing. Did not try it but will next time for sure. Lots of stuff to enjoy here.

Paul explaining how the ‘ferry” works. You basically plop inside and pull yourself over the the beach. The beach runs for miles!

Here is Cosmo, the resident pooch doing it the easy way or hard way, depending on how you look at it:)

After a lot of exploring we ended back at the lodge for some lunch and then out and about again. They have just opened a “Bistro” here so anyone can drop in for a meal. Carl the cook, is an experienced chef and tells amazing stories of his adventures in the far north. Planked salmon and seafood are his speciality. Barbara is also a fabulous vegetarian cook who uses as many local ingredients as she can. Between the two of them you will never go hungry.

After some yummy vegetarian chili, we headed out for more r&r. We hiked and took it all in. Next time I want to go up to see Indian Falls as we did not have time to do it in this visit.
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I have so much more to tell you but don’t want to go on and on here so will write more in the next post:) Look at the bed! Like sleeping in a treehouse! Oh yes, and some exciting house guests arrived. Stay tuned….
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