Cafe Karachi Closes, E-Vote Begins



After about ten years of not having them, The Bay is carrying toys again. As well as strollers and car seats.

Cafe Karachi in Fairview has closed.

JYSK has said it is expanding, and 2nd for the Halifax area is possible for 2017 (assume Bayers Lake)


So Shoppers is officially extending Optimum program but rewriting it for a potential quick exit in the future if/when they switch to PC Points.

East of Montreal has moved from Brenton St. to Spring Garden in the former Mills Bros. building where Lululemon is.


This is the notice Walmart is stuffing in bags; nothing says we love the environment like a pamphlet


This is the new restaurant going in where Saege was on Spring Garden Mappatura Bistro



A Toronto, Bulk Barn is running a pilot project to bring your reusable containers with you; I wonder if they will weigh me and then I can just graze.

Canada’s first Uniqlo opens on Friday in Toronto’s Eaton Centre (though it will be a long time if HRM ever sees one)


E-Voting for the HRM Municipal elections begins Tuesday at 8 am until the 13th at 7 pm; Election Day is Saturday the 15th if you like the ceremony of a paper ballot.  You should have a voter card in your mailbox if you don’t the folks at HRM Elections are ready to help 

No statement on the individual councilors, but we like to complain about the little things, and the municipality is often the solution. We have councillors that were elected with only 8.3% of the eligible votes in their district and one with 10.9%.

You can make a difference.
Yes, I realize districts 3,4,15 & 16 are acclaimed for the council seats, but there is still school board and mayor.


Wordburglar released his video for Channel Halifax, great little track, and a shout out for some local spots


The University of Victoria releases a Brand Trust Index every year
here is this year’s top 10. Tim’s was #1 last year but dropped to 47 (I blame it on the selling of fries)

Bottom 20 you can read the whole list and methodology here


PREMIERS OFFICE–-Nova Scotia Celebrates Cadet Day

IWK Foundation announ­ces 2017 Children’s M­iracle Network Champi­ons