Calling in stressed

L-A: Yeeaaahhh…we kind of suck today. Ally is doing her best not to hide under her desk from the work she has to do and my house looks like a craft bomb hit it. Seriously. My office is full of sock monkey carnage. I’ve got Halifax Crafters in one week and all my best laid plans to be ready early are unravelling fast. But heeeey! You should come visit me at Crafters on Saturday!


But I feel like I should at least try to talk fashion.  Hmmm…oh! I know! A friend recently asked if she could borrow a black clutch and I had to admit – I don’t own a black clutch. This seems just wrong.  Am I the only girl out there (aside from my friend) who doesn’t own a black clutch? And if I were going to get one, what do you recommend? It’d have to the sort of clutch that covers a lot of occasions.

Maybe this?


I like that it’s a big bow, but it’s too velvety for me.

Or, even though it’s not black, how about this lovely clutch from Shibang?

Thoughts? Suggestions? What are you using for a clutch when you dress up? Also – how much can you fit in your clutch? That last question is a big deal. I am the sort of girl who is lost without an oversized tote full of crap I probably don’t need. Cutting down to essentials when I’m going out is really effing hard. (I think that means my clutch needs to be both cute and roomy).

Anyway, apologies for being so light on content this week. We’ll step it up soon with some thoughts on holiday party wear. But for now, you can join Mr. McCain in judging us.

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